This is our Jam…

This afternoon we took Historic Red Bus #91 for a tour with Jammer Don. The red bus drivers earned the “Jammer” nickname by jamming gears up and down the mountain, starting in the 1930s.

This particular bus has been in Glacier for 80 years and it’s beautiful. The Red Buses have a Junior Jammer program and we were thankful for the distraction it provided.  Our favorite stop along the tour had to be at Trail of the Cedars, a boardwalk through a 500 year old cedar forest.

It was nice to get a closer look at McDonald River, which empties into McDonald Lake. The amount of water rushing down the mountains and through the rivers in Glacier right now is, simply, terrifying. And awesome, in the literal sense of the word. 

We had plans for an evening boat tour but got rained out. Luckily, there’s something magical about being in this old lodge during a rain storm – especially when they have wifi. 

We head 7.5 hours for Teddy Roosevelt NP tomorrow and our Teddy has been saving up his souvenir $20 all vacation. Until then…


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