Bust Me: Illegal Meal Prep

In every place we’ve stayed thus far, we’ve skirted the “no cooking in the cabin” rule. Frankly, you’re welcome to fine me the $100 so I don’t have to pay it in the lodge restaurant. 

Though my arms aren’t long enough to to pat myself on the back, I’d like to recap the meals that’ve been prepared. First, let’s consider the prep medium:

1) 24″ propane camping grill

2) Electric hot pot

3) Ingenuity 

So here’s the meals prepared while on this trip: loaded nachos with grilled corn on the cob, cheese ravioli with Italian sausage, grilled chicken with Parmesan rice, “moose track mac” (Mac n’ Cheese with seasoned browned ground turkey), scrambled eggs with maple sausage, Apple smoked sausages and hot dogs with baked beans, oatmeal, and 5 custom made sandwiches for lunch everyday ranging from Cajun turkey with horseradish cranberry spread to Nutella with raspberries. 

This has been a good amount of work in planning and execution. The savings are extraordinary. We’ve done a meal out (lunch or dinner) every other day and the costs range from $60-$100ish. Camp style cooking never sounded so good to a pocketbook!

In conclusion, it took a lot to plan, prep, and bring all tools you’ll need to cook in the cabin. As far as illegal activity is concerned, go right at head and bust me: It’s totally worth it. 


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