Crown of the Continent…

Indeed! Glacier National Park has, in the last 24 hours, skyrocketed to the top of our list of favorite places to stay on the park system. We are in West Glacier at Lake McDonald Lodge and this place is straight out of Dirty Dancing, woodsy-charm galore.

I know we still need to post regarding Tetons and Yellowstone but I am too inspired by Glacier. Too inspired by it’s front door being on the lake side, not the parking side, because when guests arrived 102 years ago it was by boat, not car. Seriously, if you can get here, do it! They take reservations a year out so don’t poke around about it!

Our little cabin fits us perfectly with 2 queens and a twin. The last two nights we have had dinner on our front porch at 10. There is so much to do and it’s light until then so why the hell not?

Once the kids are asleep each night, Eric and I pop up chairs on the lake shore with a couple cold ones and watching the stars for hours. The night skies here are perfection, especially in this new moon. The Milky Way. Seriously. So cool.

When we first arrived at the Lodge, a wonderful woman named Ellyse checked us in. She asked us what we were most excited to see in Glacier and Josie said “Lake Josephine.” Ellyse reached under the counter and pulled out a large paper map and a highlighter. She proceeded to map out a wonderful day trip to Lake Josephine, (which is on the other side of the park and also accessible by Going to the Sun Road when it is open, not yet this year). 

The trip took us into and out of the Park several times and included a stop at a wonderful little place called “Brownies” for huckleberry milkshakes. Seriously? Imagine a huckleberry milkshake. Exactly. 

Even the trashy parts of these little towns were endearing. Just cute cute cute. How do you make a gas station cute? You put 100 foot pines around it.

We went over the Continental Divide and took in some history.

We came damn close to Canada!

We made it to Cracker Lake Trailhead 

After a picnic overlooking Many Glacier Hotel, we went on a great 4-mile hike out to Lake Josephine and the payoff was more than worth it.

​That’s Grinnell Glacier behind us, ancient and nearly gone.
​​So, that was yesterday. Ellyse gave us a wonderful day. 

This morning has been totally mellow. The kids are obsessed with playing down at the shoreline so we are giving them the morning to content themselves.

Eric went down with them to assist with some fishing and here I sit on my front porch with a curious ground squirrel, a coffee and Carolans and a Cream Cheese Blueberry Turnover from “Brownies”.

 We have plans for a Historic Red Bus tour this afternoon so much more to come on wonderful Glacier.


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