Drive from Estes to Jackson Hole was long, but… honor of our new “only eat there if it’s going to be awesome” philosophy, we had a wonderful dinner at the super cool Snake River Brewery. Eric and I shared a Brussels Caesar with blackened chicken and an order of the steak tacos (both delicious). Their kids cheeseburgers are as big as my head. And, the delicious, fresh beer was just what the doctor ordered. 

Other than the dinner to write home about, we drove A LOT – 7.5 hours. The kids watched movies (I believe the live-action Scooby Doo and Goonies). Oh, and Dino Squad, the series. It’s kind of a clever show but the kids LOVE TO SING the theme song over and over again until my ears bleed. We also played Hangman, which is sort of a violent game, if you think about it. It’s also hard to play with a 7 year old that can read well but, at this point, tends to misspell. Think about it.

We pulled into Grand Teton NP around 8:30 last night and enjoyed a 20 minute drive to Colter Bay in the dusk. We saw Elk, pronghorn, and the Bison Herd. After we got the kids to bed, Eric and I put up our pop up chairs on our cabin’s front stoop, wrapped up in blankets and watched the stars. It sounds so cheesy but the night skies viewed from the dark places of the world are mind blowing! Even got to see a couple shooting stars. Thanks, Alyssa.


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